GROUP DISCUSSION BASED LEARNING METHODS


  • A detailed and a continuous assessment of the child in various traits and activities is done by the class teachers.
  •  Two Unit tests and two terminal examinations are conducted with thorough revisions for each test and exams held a week before.
  •  Attendance in the unit tests/term exams is compulsory. Children will be marked 'absent' for the tests/examination not attended.
  • Students cannot attend the school only for writing tests/exams and leave the school before time on pretext of illness.
  • Any child who is absent for more thn 30 days without the specific permission of the Principal, will be removed from the rolls of the school and no refund is permitted.
  • Assessment reports are issued after every Unit test/Term Exam.
  • Parent-teacher meets are held after every Unit test/Term Exam to discuss the performance of the child.
  • Parents of children from Std 1 to Std 5 are allowed to meet the class teacher on any working day between 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm to discuss the progress of their child.