Why Choose Charans ?????

                             Well let's see what our students say...

The friends I made here are inseparable !!!! CHARANS MEANS FRIENDSHIP TO ME !!!- Danish Ali- CEBA GROUP

My lecturers are soooooo friendly..they are like my family !!! CHARANS MEANS FAMILY TO ME !! Surekha- CEBA GROUP

I love our Principal Sir soooo much. He is so friendly and cool like a rockstar !! CHARANS MEANS AWESOME PRINCIPAL TO ME- Tejashwini- Science

I am the don of my college ! CHARANS MEANS RESPECT TO ME- Nivesh- SEBA GROUP

I actually listen to classes instead of dreaming or staring at the wall ! CHARANS MEANS INTERESTING CLASSES TO ME ! Sohail-SEBA Group

I am Virat Kohli, ABDe and Gayle combined in one ! CHARANS MEANS CRICKET MATCHES TO ME !!!- Madan- CEBA GROUP    

Dancing is my life and I loved all the dancing competitions and cultural fests at Charans ! CHARANS MEANS CULTURALS TO ME !!! Angel Aksha- COMMERCE GROUP

I am a quiet person and I like to concentrate on studies . CHARANS MEANS ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE TO ME- Smruthi- Science- PCMB Group