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  • The staff team have an excellent understanding of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and have great knowledge of how children learn. As a result they provide a highly stimulating and exciting environment which they are aware helps children to make excellent progress.
  • Our teachers have developed effective planning methods which take full account of each child's learning needs and interests exceptionally well. Observation and assessment methods are rigorous and clearly identify children's achievements and their next steps of learning.
  • They have a very clear understanding of where each child is in their learning and share this information frequently with their parents.
  • Our teachers also provide information and ideas to help parents to further promote their children's learning at home.
  • Our teachers set up the play rooms in the morning and ensure there is a broad range of interesting activities which promote all areas of learning. Children arrive and after saying goodbye to their parent or carer explore the environment and settle down with their choice of play. They can also choose other activities, as many resources are easily accessible and this supports children's emerging independence.