First Semester

Course NoCourse Title
01HC-1 Childhood & Growing Up
02HC-2 Education in Contemporary India
03HC-3 Development and Management in School Education
04HC-4 Gender School & Society
05HC-5 ICT in Education
06HC-6 Language Across the Curriculum
07EPC-1 Communication skills and Expository Writing
08EPC-2 Understanding Self, Personality & Yoga

Second Semester

Course NoCourse Title
09HC-7 Learning & Teaching
10HC-8 Assessment for Learning
11SC-1 Content & Pedagogy 1 Part 1
12SC-2 Content & Pedagogy 2 Part 1
13EPC-3 ICT Applications
14EPC-4 Fine Arts and Theatre
15EPC-5 Pre Internship

Third Semester

Course NoCourse Title
16SC-1 Content Pedagogy 1 Part 11
17SC-2 Content & Pedagogy 2 Part 11
18HC-9 Action Research
19EPC-6 Action Research Project
20EPC-7 School Internship

Fourth Semester

Course NoCourse Title
21HC-10 National Concern & Education
22HC-11 Creating an Inclusive School
23HC-12 Knowledge & Curriculum
24OC-1 Optional Course
25EPC-8 Post Internship (Practical Examination (One Lesson in each core paper)

Semester Overview

I24100 Days500100600
II24100 Days400200600
III24100 Days250350600
IV24100 Days400200600
Toatl96400 Days15508502400


Two Years

Certifying Body

NCTE (National Council for Teachers Education – Delhi Bengaluru Central University


As Per the Syllabus of Bengaluru Central University

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