Our Classrooms– Smartly designed, not dumped with hundreds of students like other colleges, so much natural light that we don’t even need tubelights, smartboards with surround speakers for presentations(although our students use it to play loud music!) and benches so comfortable, you would be tempted to lie down (but you can’t -at least not when the lecturers are looking ! )

Our Labs- Enjoy awesome Physcis, Chemistry, Biology or Electronics experiments in our science laboratory fully equipped with the latest equipments and sophisticated technology. Our students create their own experiments and love spending hours in the lab trying to invent new circuit designs and playing with the microscopes. If you love chemical formulas and equations, our chemistry lecturers will spend extra time making you a genius in acids and chemicals. Maybe you can discover a new funky coloured liquid (careful not to burn down the lab though !!!)

Our Auditorium- Students call it the best place in the college!! Why??? Probably because it is huge and spacious with an awesome stage, DOLBY surround sound speakers, disco lights, artificial dancing smoke and a huge theatre like projector screen where students give lots of presentations and of course watch a lot of movies (Jurassic Park and Martian in 2015 for example !!!). Using technology not only to learn but also to enjoy- Now that’s college life at Charan’s !